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Red bra
28-38 D-J
Nude bra
 sizes: 34-44 C, 32-44 D-DDD, 32-42 G, 34-42 H
Black bra
 sizes: 34-44 C, 32-44 D-DDD, 32-42 G, 34-42 H
Black w/lace bra
sizes:32-38 B-C
32-40 D-DD 
32-38 DDD
Matching black
lace panties
sizes: 5-8
Bra & panties/ Ivory sizes: 34-38 B, 32-38 C, 30-38 D-DDD, 32-38 G
Royal blue bra
sizes: 34-38 C, 32-42 D-DD, 32-40 DDD, 32-38 G
Bra & panties/

Black w/pink

Black bra
28-38 D-J
Cream set
Bra 28-40 D-J
Cream bra
28-38 D-G
Cream bra
Cream front hook bra
Pink bra
Sports bra purple w/pink
sizes: 28-40, B-H
Sports bra pink
sizes: 28-44, AA-H
Cream  set Bra 28-40 D-J

Black bra
28-38 D-K
Black bra w/pink ribbon 28-38 D-K
Nude lacy bra
28-38 D-K
Nude bra 
30-38 D-G
Pink molded T-shirt bra
30-38 D-G
Purple w/dark blue lace 30-38 D-K
Elomi molded animal print
36-46 D-FF
Purple bra w/lace
36-46 D-FF
Black w/pink lace & dots 36-46D-DD 36-44 E-FF

Tourquoise blue w/pink lace & dots
36-46 D-DD 36-44 E-FF
Nude bra 
36-46 D-FF
Blue bra
28-40 D-K
Intimate Apparel--Bridal & Lingerie
 Sports Bras
Nursing Bra's
 Sizes   30-40  E - H
Things to make you look Slimmer Body shapers & pants
Pink bra
28-38 D-G
High quality bras are stocked. A free professional bra fitting will be provided upon request. Women of all sizes are encouraged to shop with us, our sizes range from 28AAA to 46 K. 

Gift certificates are available all year.

Free gift wrapping for any items purchased.

Hand made in Indonesia. Can be worn as a double knot dress, strapless dress, halter dress, full skirt, or half skirt
Variety of colors and patterns available in store

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