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5 Signs You Are Wearing the Wrong Size bra -- Think Healthy!
by Susanne Persaud
Tips for a better fit:
1. Spillage: If your breasts fill over the top or sides of your bra, increase the band and/or cup size. 
2. Puckering: If cups wrinkle or pucker, choose a smaller cup size.
3. Riding up: A bra should fit snuggly. If it creeps up in the back, and the front falls down, trade it in for one with a tighter band. 
4. Jutting: The underwire isn't flush against your rib cage; it should be.
5. Grooves: If your straps dig into your shoulders, try a style with wider straps or a different cup size (bigger or smaller) or loosen your straps. Actually, your bra straps are only 10 to 20 percent of the fit of your bra.

The best way to ensure a perfect fit is to go to a specialty bra shop to be professionally fitted!

After being fitter for a new bra, Ann said, "I can't wait to tell my husband what size I am now."

"My shoulders stopped hurting. I'm standing taller and looking thinner," said Jane.

"I feel like I look like I have lost 10 pounds," Kathy said.

"My posture has improved and so has my self-esteem," said Tanya.

"I no longer need to readjust and put "the girls" back into place after bending over. Plus, my shirts fit much smoother, and I no longer have the divots on my shoulders," remarked Kristy.

Laurie added, "I love the quality of my new bras, and the way they make me look and feel. They are so comfortable!"

Jamie S. of Lincoln, Nebraska exclaimed, "I love Dream Fit Boutique! The staff is so friendly and helpful! I never had bras so comfortable or well fitted! I was surprised on how much better my shirts looked and better I felt. I appreciate how much time Doris spends to make sure I get the fit I need."

Other comments heard by women shopping in our store:

Women shopping in Dream Fit Boutique have told us that before finding us, they had to either go out-of-state or order on-line in an attempt to find the right bra size. Even then, the bra they bought did not fit right! 

Women have said they had been wearing the wrong bra size for years because they didn't know there were bras that were available in sizes above a DDD. They were so overwhelmed in finding a bra that actually fit and was comfortable that they cried with joy.

Three days prior to her wedding, a young woman came into the store looking for a strapless bra to wear under her wedding dress. She was pleasantly surprised to find it in Dream Fit Boutique. She said she had traveled at least 180 miles to find the right bra size before finding us.

While shopping for a swimsuit in our store, a woman found the perfect suit to fit. She felt that, "Now, for the first time in years, I am able to go out in public in a suit that is flattering and actually makes me appear 10 pounds slimmer!"

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